Dear Babes: 14 months old

28 Aug

You are officially a toddler..ahhh!

Stats: Unknown! We won’t be going to the doctor until your 15 month checkup.

Eating: You are a funny eater. It’s pretty hard to keep up with what foods you like, cause it changes daily! Staples are mac n’ cheese, beans, yogurt, eggs and sticks (pretzel sticks that is!) You mostly feed yourself, except those that require a spoon…and we are almost completely done with the bottle! Most of the time you drink out of your sippy cup, unless you are super duper cranky 😦

Sleeping: Still going strong with 11-12 hours a night (usually 9pm to 9 am). Your naps aren’t as easy because you want to play play play! But we try and get 2 one hour naps in a day, most of them take place in the car!

Likes: Flashcards, books, music and dancing! You are the cutest dancer ever. Seriously, I will never get sick of seeing you shake your little booty.

Development: You are a walker! You started at about 12 1/2 months and haven’t stopped since. You love walking and exploring the world with your own two little feet. You have also started to talk a little. Your first word was “dot” (dog) and now you say “byeeeee” (bye) when you wave goodbye. I can’t wait until you have more to say.

Events: Right after Disneyland for your birthday we came straight to Dallas for Daddy’s work. It’s hot but we really enjoy it here. Lots to do and see! You have been going to the kids club at the gym we joined almost daily and absolutely love it and you seem to love the boys there (uh oh Daddy!). We aren’t exactly sure where our adventure will lead us to next, but we are all very excited to see what the future holds!


Dear Babes: Happy Birthday Princess!

28 Jun

Happy birthday, my love!


Height: 30 inches (75%)

Weight: 22 lbs 13 ounces (50-75%)

Head: 17 3/4 inches (50%)

Eating: You are officially off formula and onto whole milk! We are still working on giving up that whole bottle thing…but one thing at a time, right? You love feeding yourself. Its quite the mess, but you are definitely getting better. You favorite foods are meat (especially chicken), cheese, sweet potatoes and applesauce. Not a huge fan of veggies yet, but once in a while I can sneak some broccoli in your belly 🙂

Sleeping: 11-12 hours a night and normally 2 one hour naps a day. Not too bad! You usually go down pretty easily, thank you for that!

Likes: Tupperware, books, and the iPad. You may be a little young to have an iPad, but it has saved us during many of our travels.

Development: You (finally) started crawling on your 10 month birthday. And you are so close to walking! Im so excited for you to walk, but I know that once you do my freedom will be over 🙂

Events: Well hasn’t our family life changed so much this year! Mommy left her job so that we could all be together and travel with Daddy’s work. From March to May we were in Charleston, West Virginia. Let’s just say that was quite an interesting place!

For the month of June we traveled all over the East Coast for vacation. We took a (10 hour!) train to Washington D.C., then Philadelphia, New York, and then Boston to spend time with your Aunts Janine & Nichole, Grandma Diane and your cousins. After a week in Boston, we went to New Jersey to meet even more of Daddy’s family. Everyone loved you and you definitely loved the attention!

And then of course we went to Disneyland for your First Birthday! Grandma & Grandpa were able to join us and we all had such a great time. “It’s A Small World” was definitely your favorite ride of all. And your even got a princess birthday cake for your birthday dinner!

It has been a year of excitement, change, adventures and most of all, it has been a year of love. Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweetheart; we couldn’t imagine our world without you.


Dear Babes: 6 months old

12 Jan

Falon, you growing up so fast! I can’t believe your half a year old already.


Height: 26 inches (50%)

Weight: 17 lbs (50-75%)

Head: 16 1/4 inches (10%)

Eating: You are finally eating solids! (sorta…) Right now you are eating 2-3 meals a day, as well as 5 bottles. You have tried most all fruits and veggies, love mango, and hate apricot. Some days you gobble your food right up… and other days you shut your lips close and throw the bowl on the ground. I’m not sure what changes from one day to the next, other than you making sure I know that you are in charge 🙂

Sleeping: Oh goodness, thank the lord that on the day you turned 6 months old you started sleeping through the night! Mommy and Daddy went with the Ferber method and let you cry it out (with check ins), and by the third night you sleep from 8pm to 7am! Though we struggled those two nights and almost caved in (hearing you cry was awful!), it was well worth it. In the end, I think everyone sleeps better and is happier. Some nights you still wake up and cry a little, but it never lasts too long. Now that I can finally sleep, I feel like a whole new mommy!

Likes: Dougie! Your favorite toy right now is the stuffed puppy that Daddy bought you the day that you were born. You sleep with him every night…and I catch you having wonderful conversations with him in the morning. I like to think that you play with Dougie and pretend it’s Daddy, who has been gone a long time for work.

You have so many toys right now, thanks to Christmas, and you pretty much love them all. From your jumper and walker, to any old rattle…you just love playing! You are so independent and will play by yourself for long stretches of time. And of course, you still love putting everything in your mouth.

Development: You are sitting up!

Well, for limited amounts of time. But it’s still progress. Plus, your sitting skills allows you to now sit in the shopping car seat (which I can’t explain how helpful this is to Mommy!)

You have discovered the word “gaga” and now cannot stop. Everything is gaga; the bottle, the dogs, a diaper. I have a feeling you are very close to saying “dada”.

Events: December was our busiest month yet! Unfortunately it started with you getting pretty sick with bronchiolitis, and you had many doctors and even a hospital visit. Fortunately Grandma came down to help Mommy take care of you, and you slowly got much better!

Then Daddy came home for whole two weeks! It’s was a pretty amazing trip. You had lots of giggles and Daddy kisses. It’s amazing to see how as soon as Daddy comes home, you smile more. I think you two have a pretty special connection.

And then it was Christmas! Many family and friends were so generous and bought you so many toys. You were one excited baby!


It was our first family Christmas together, and I could not have asked for anything more magical.  The perfect way to end 2011.

Dear Babes: 5 Months Old

6 Dec

Falon babes, you are 5 months already!


Height: not sure. we don’t go to the doctor until your 6 months checkup. but i have a feeling your getting much taller!

Weight: n/a

Head: n/a

Eating: We have re-tried solids, and you’re definitely not a fan! I’ve tried to give you rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, avocado, and banana. And so far, you hate it all! If in a few weeks you still aren’t a fan, I think we are gonna try Baby Led Weaning. You even prefer to eat tables!

  Sleeping: Well, we’ve had a bit of a regression on the sleeping front. Right now you wake up 10-20 times a night and usually end up co-sleeping with me. But, we believe we have figured out the culprit and hope to be getting you back a normal sleep pattern soon. Cause momma is tired! It’s a constant learning experience with you…and you definitely keep us on our toes!

Likes: You love and neeeeed to hold everything! Recently, you’ve discovered that you love holding cold beverages (daddy figured this one out), and now you reach for my cup everytime you see me drink something.

You also love grabbing your feet…and hate socks!

Development: It’s crazy to see how much you changed in such a short amount of time. Daddy has been working in Texas and notices such huge developments in you when he gets to come home.

We are getting very close to you sitting up…properly. I’m very excited about this!

You seem to enjoy tummy time more and more. Rolling around comes so easily to you now. And I can’t wait to see the first stages of crawling.

You really enjoy reading, mostly because you love holding the pages! I try and read to you daily and “When Daddy Travels” is your favorite book right now.

This month has been pretty crazy for our family as Daddy is gone, you’ve have some tummy and sleep problems, and mommy has been sick. But the highlight was definitely when we all got to spend our first Thanksgiving together. You looked gorgeous, as always, and clearly make Daddy and I so happy.

Dear Babes: 4 Months Old

4 Nov

Oh my little bubba bear, you are 4 months old!


Height: 24 inches  (25%-50%)

Weight: 14lbs 12oz (50%-75%)

Head: 15 1/2 inches (5%-10%!) i blame your dad for this

Eating: You’re eating about 35-40oz a day. Averaging 6-8oz bottles, about 5/6 times a day. We tried to start you on solids but after talking to the pediatrician we are postponing this for another month. Given your poor tummy issues (reflux and dairy sensitivity) and the fact that you are hating the spoon, we think it’s best to give it a bit more time. And am really hoping that next time you take a liking to it a little more.

Sleeping: You definitely are a stubborn one when it comes to sleeping. Some nights are awesome and you can sleep 7-8 hours straight and other nights you decide you want to wake up every hour for your pacifier. But for the most part, you fall asleep after a big bottle at 7:30, then wake up for another big bottle at 3ish, then wake up for the day at 7. Some days you love swaddling and it helps you sleep longer; and other days you want your hands free so you can place them on your face and sleep on your side. I’ve definitely learned that things change constantly and mommy just has to figure out what you want that day (er..hour).

Likes: You still love talking. A lot. Almost every morning that you wake up for the day, I can hear your sweet voice trying to let me know that it’s time to play. You still love your jumperoo and can usually last about 20 minutes playing with your little jungle friends.  And now you love the iphone (yes…bad habit, I know). I try and only let you look at it for a few minutes a day, but sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm you down!

Development: You are getting much better at grabbing at toys. And iphones. And arm hair. And then trying to put it all in your mouth (this includes Coda’s paw). You’ve have rolled over from your back to tummy a few times, but don’t seem to do it a lot.

It’s incredible to watch you grow into a little human. You make Mommy and Daddy laugh everyday with that huge personality of yours. And now that we have Halloween behind us, we can’t wait to spend our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family!

Buh Bye Baby

27 Oct

I spent two whole nights away from the baby and didn’t cry once! Yea for me!

Mike and I spent the weekend in Vegas for our birthdays (only 2 weeks apart) and for a little getaway before he heads to Dallas for 3 months (more on that later). My mom came down to watch Falon as I couldn’t imagine leaving her with anyone else. My mom has spent a lot of time around the baby (we spent over a month with her in Sacramento), so I was really comfortable with her taking care of the baby for the whole 48 hours.

Yes, that is grandma feeding the baby while sippin’ on a martini…through a straw

Though I looked at pictures of Falon on my phone tons…and called home several times a day, I think it went pretty smoothly. I missed her terribly, but we still had a great trip and it was nice sleeping through the night without hearing a baby cry!

So here are my tips to your first adult getaway without your babes:

1) Don’t be afraid to call home. I don’t care how much I bugged my mom, calling home reassured me that everything was okay.

2) Definitely look at pictures if you need to!  Mike would give me shit for this, but honestly, I didn’t care.

3) Be absolutely 1000% comfortable with your babysitter. This is a no brainer.

4) Limit the trip to 1-2 nights. I think 3 or more nights would have been to rough me on.

5) Take advantage of your freedom! Eat, drink and be merry (or gamble, like we did)!


6) Make sure to give many, many kisses to the baby as soon as you return!

Post Baby Body Blues

20 Oct

I went clothes shopping today for our birthday trip to Vegas this weekend. And all I could think of was “I AM FAT”.

I know most woman need to lose weight post baby (unless you’re Rachel Zoe), but it’s even that much harder when you needed to lose weight before getting pregnant as well.

I’ve always had body/weight issues. Always thinking I was too big. And sometimes I was. But now that I am at my biggest size EVER, when I look at pictures from 2 years ago when I thought I need to lose 30 lbs…I now think I looked great. Normal. Average. I’d die for average now.

Now that Falon is almost 4 months and we have a pretty solid routine going, getting healthy needs to become a priority. I have 75 (!) pounds to lose. Even typing that number kills me. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my body before. I know it’s going to take a long time. I know it’s going to suck. But this time around, I have a little munchkin counting on her mommy and I can’t let her down.